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Ride Like A Boss With Us!

Boost your travel experience by reserving a top-of-the-line car with Platinum Luxury Limo Service. We are an elite transport company in New York with a fleet of premium vehicles to fulfill your traveling needs conveniently. Whether you want a luxury sedan, SUV, or limousine for your personal touring needs, or executive vans/busses for corporate trips in Tristate, we can provide you with vehicles that look great, ride smoothly, and provide maximum comfort and quietness. In addition, you will have access to free Wi-Fi, mineral water, and magazines throughout the ride, offering you a truly unforgettable experience.

Cadillac Escalade

Upgrade the way you travel!

Ride smoothly over any road with the gorgeous Cadillac Escalade! It’s a massive luxury SUV packed with super cool features. For example, it has a top-notch interior with three rows of plush, roomy seats and a tremendous space,effortlessly housing six people with cargo and suitcases. Moreover, the exclusive AKG sound system with multiple speakers in this luxe SUV brings an immersive, 360-degree listening experience to your every ride. And with a high-speedWi-Fi system, you’ll connect with the outside world and handle your important assignments without ado. 

PLL’s Escalade NYC is a great way to feel like a star when traveling, and you should give it a try to enjoy the princely rides you have never experienced before.

Luxury Sedans

Once tried. Forever desired.

Book any kind of sedan with us for your next ride and enhance your experience on the NYC roads! Platinum Luxury Limo prides itself on having a Toyota Acura Chrysler, a best-in-class luxurious sedan for family vacations and business trips. Featuring a sleek exterior, comfortable interior, and powerful engine, this car is the only thing you should hire every time you need to move in style without breaking the bank. It can carry 3 people along with 3 suitcases and comes with a suite of technologies. For example, you can enjoy your favorite tunes on its extraordinary sound system, while its numerous safety features ensure that you have a stress-free journey from start to finish.

Book it today and add fun to your ride.

Cadillac XTS

Stay in the spotlight throughout your journey.

If you need to visit a place in NYC or connected states, our Cadillac XTS is the best way to get there. Its dazzling exterior will turn the heads of everyone on the road, while the remarkable interior of the car capable of housing three people with luggage offers a lavish ride that is bound to leave you impressed.

As a premium sedan, Cadillac XTS features highly comfortable seats ideal for long travels. Moreover, the car also has cutting-edge tech features, allowing you to watch your favorite movie or charge your devices on the go. 

Book Cadillac XTS car and make your travel woes a thing of the past!

Chevy Suburban

Traveling comfortably hasn’t been easier!

Chevy Suburban is a premium and versatile vehicle that makes your rides nice and easy. Whether you have a corporate trip coming up or need to take your family on vacation, our Chevy Suburban NYC is perfect for getting you there in style. It has a gorgeous shape, highly comfortable seats, and room for seven people with bags. And with a modern engine, passenger safety bags, collision alert, and an experienced chauffeur at the wheel, you can rest assured that your adventure on the road will be one to remember.

Get it now and say goodbye to the hassle for good! 

Lincoln MKT Limo White

Where luxury meets the road!

Imagine traveling with your friends in a royal, one-of-a-kind Limo and hitting your next party with style. What about arriving at your wedding with an uncompromising elegance and making your special occasion truly memorable? Isn’t it fascinating? 

Platinum Luxury Limo prides itself on having multiple 8-seater MKT Limos that completely redefine the way you travel. The magnificence is soothing and the comfort is never-ending. The appealing white exterior combined with a spacious, relaxing interior allows for hassle-free travel you’ve always dreamed of. The car also has a built-in audio system, allowing you to turn on the radio or music player and tune in to your favorite songsright away. Isn’t it amazing?

Book limo in NYC and make your journey a symbol of excellence.  


Made for the road ahead!

If you’re looking for a luxury-infused travel experience, where you can have a glimpse of dazzling spots of New York at the same time as making worthwhile memories, booking our Luxe XL should be your best bet. Featuring a gleaming exterior, high-end leather seats, and a spacious indoor environment having more legroom and headroom, the Luxe XL can take you to your desired location without any disruptions. What’s more? You can adjust as many as 5 suitcases in this car, allowing you to transport your luggage without having to drop the backseats. 

Book Luxe XL now and be where comfort is going! 

Sprinter Limo

Travel like the star you are!

From giving you the vibes of a high-end hotel room to adding a wow factor to your corporate outings, this Sprinter Limo completely transforms the way you move around. With an elegant interior, soothing lighting, customizable seating areas, and upscale audio and video system, this lavish Sprinter Limo has everything you need to transform your unique comfort ideas into reality. Sitting in it will feel like you’re traveling in a private jet. 

This multi-functional limo can conveniently accommodate up to 12 passengers along with 12 suitcases, allowing you to finish family reunions, sightseeing tours, corporate meetings, and private group outings with total peace of mind. Book Sprinter Limo today and finish your next journey with extraordinary magnificence. 

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Lincoln MKT Limo White

Up to 8 Passengers
Luggage: 6 Suitcases

Chevy Suburban

Up to 7 Passengers
Luggage: 7 Suitcases

Luxe XL

Up to 4 Passengers
Luggage: 5 Suitcases

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo

Up to 12 Passengers
Luggage: 14 Suitcases

Cadillac Escalade

Up to 6 Passengers
Luggage: 6 Suitcases

Chrysler 300

Up to 3 Passengers
Luggage: 3 Suitcases

Cadillac XTS

Up to 3 Passengers
Luggage: 3 Suitcases

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